10 Signs You Aren’t Cut Out To Be An IT Manager

I just came across a great article on TechRepublic listing the ten signs that show if you’re not cut out to be an IT manager.

The list goes as follows, I’ll keep the writer’s phrasing because it’s straight to the point and effective:

1. You have a real desire to be liked
2. You prefer to avoid the spotlight and just be a part of the gang
3. Every time you are called on to comment about the topic being discussed, you experience short-term memory loss
4. Having a tough conversation with an employee causes you a great deal of duress
5. You don’t like to make tough decisions
6. Being stuck in the middle between the leaders and the team makes your stomach churn
7. You prefer to keep a low profile, just doing your job; when people look at you, it reminds you how many flaws you have
8. Having a verbal duel in a meeting isn’t your idea of fun and you feel uncomfortable standing up to communicate in a meeting
9. You dislike having to work hours beyond the “regular” schedule
10. You could never fire someone because after all, everyone needs a job

I couldn’t agree more. This list englobes all the points an IT manager, or any manager actually, should be careful of and know how to deal with.

For more details, read the full article: 10 signs that you aren’t cut out to be an IT manager (TechRepublic)

Another great article along the same lines is here: 10 signs that you aren’t cut out to be a systems analyst (TechRepublic).

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