Rudy Guiliani Will ‘Chase Muslims Back To Their Caves’

So here’s an interesting quote from John Deady, a designated surrogate for Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign, and a leader with a group called “Veterans for Rudy”…

“He’s got I believe the knowledge and the judgment to attack one of the most difficult problems in current history and that is the rise of the Muslims, and make no mistake about it, this hasn’t happened for a thousand years. These people are very, very dedicated and they’re also very smart, in their own way. We need to keep the feet to the fire and keep pressing these people until we defeat or chase them back to their caves — or in other words get rid of them.”

He has resigned now after those remarks, but after such comments you can only wonder if there is a truth in there somewhere, if maybe Rudy Guiliani who is one of the Republican front runners for the US presidency actually thinks a bit like that; After all, we know there is no lack of people who do think that way or even worse.

[Via: Huffington Post]

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