Pizza Cono, Pizza In Cones

Pizza ConesI think if there’s any country in the world that could compete with Italy itself in the number of pizza places and pizza consumption, it’d definitely be Tunisia; There are at least two or three pizza places in every street or corner of every city.

So why am I writing about yet another one?
Well because this ones sell pizza that’s not quite like the pizza we’re used to finding everywhere.

Pizza Cono, like its name actually suggests, sells pizza in the form of cones. It is pizza dough shaped into the form of an ice cream cone, and filled with your favorite combination of cheese, sauce and toppings.

I was hesitant at first to go and check it out, I was expecting something that looked interesting but wasn’t so good to really eat. But one day recently, we found ourselves in the area, hungry and feeling like trying something different, so: why not.
It turned out pretty good in fact, quite practical when you need to grab something to eat on the go. I imagine a really good option for people working in the area.

I still prefer regular pizza; one of the joys of eating pizza to me, other than its delicious taste, is its form and the way I get to hold a good old slice of pizza in my hand and eat away at it.

Anyway, it was nice to try out, and if you’re in the area, check it out, if only for the sake of trying something new and different.

Oh and the whereabout of this place: It’s in the Les Berges du Lac area, behind the Mosque.

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