Tunisian Island Of Djerba: Top Holiday Destination In 2008

Some interesting news about Tunisian Tourism…

An annual survey conducted by the travel website “TripAdvisor” on more than 2500 travellers from around the world, found that the island of Djerba is set to be the top holiday destination in the world in 2008.

Djerba is followed by Makadi Bay, Egypt; Phangnga, Thailand; Kovalam, India; and Sabaudia, Italy.

The survey also shows that beach trips are still a hit with travellers, with 64% of the people saying that they would prefer to relax by the sea than do anything else on holiday.

The Island of Djerba , off the Tunisian coast and some 500 kilometers away from the capital, is already one of the Mediterranean’s favourite tourist locations, thanks to its pristine beaches and rich culture.

[Source: All Africa]

Well, that’s good to hear, Djerba is a beautiful place that I personally love to visit whenever I get the chance to.

And all I can say is “Welcome” to everyone who chooses to visit Djerba, the island of dreams, I hope you al have a wonderful time.

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