The Top Ten Worst Phobias To Have

So it seems that if there are any ten phobias that you wouldn’t want to get, especially if you’re a man, they are the following:

10. Papaphobia: The Fear of the Pope
9. Xylophobia: The Fear of Wooden Objects
8. Hellenologophobia: The Fear of Complex Scientific Terms and Greek Terminology
7. Porphyrophobia: The Fear of the color “Purple”
6. Gymnophobia: The Fear of Nudity
5. Ostraconophobia: The Fear of Shellfish
4. Stasiphobia: The Fear of Walking
3. Pantiphobia: The Fear of Everything
2. Venustraphobia: The Fear of Beautiful Women
1. Eurotophobia: The Fear of Female Genitalia

I can’t believe some of these things really have names. Some place, somewhere, someone in the word creation department had a lot of time to waste.

[Source: The Top Ten Best and Worst Phobias to Have ]

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