Bills & Us

Between yesterday and today, I basically received every possible bill in our letter box. From the water bill to the telephone bill to the electricity bill and what not. Each one greeting you with a number even bigger than the other amidst the rising global prices for everything.

It’s the same case with everyone, and it is really a big hit to anyone’s budget to have all these bills fall upon them at once, draining their budget enormously.

What I can’t understand is why all these services don’t try to be more considerate of the citizens and try to have their bills sent out in different months so as to not put any additional strain on their budgets.

I remember I heard talk about this some years ago and I thought it was a good idea, but over the years I’ve continued to receive all my bills together, so maybe it was another project or idea that never saw the light of day, maybe it wasn’t well implemented or even well thought out. All I know is that every time the flood of bills starts I know my budget and bank account are going to take a big hit. It’s really frustrating and throws any saving plans out the window.

Anyway, hoping that things will get better in this area, I’ll just have to balance my budget once again to cover these bills as usual.

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