Tunisian Film Gets Best Arab Film Award

Good news related to Tunisian cinema…

The Tunisian film “Tender is the Wolf” (Ors El Dhib) received best Arab film Award at the 11 th edition of the San Francisco Arab Film Festival. The Festival aims at featuring alternative representations of Arabs that contradict the current stereotyped pictures of Arabs frequently encountered in the American media.

The film which was directed and written by Jilani Saadi, a young Tunisian film maker, is an unsettling, gritty representation of urban life, exploring issues such as the “sexualization” of women, poverty, unemployment and aimlessness.

The film also received a number of distinctions at several festivals throughout the world, including a special distinction at the latest Carthage Film Festival.

The young Anissa Daoud starring in the film, plays the role of Aziza, a young prostitute who is gang raped by a group of outcasts. The other main role in the film, namely that of ‘Stoufa’, is played by Hassine Graya.

“Tender is the wolf” is not the only Tunisian film to take part in this festival. Nouri Bouzid’ s post 9/11movie , “Making Of” was shown at the opening of the festival- a distinction in itself- eliciting much praise and sparking an intense debate.

[Source: Tunisie Online News]

So there’s one other must-see Tunisian movie on my list…

Personally, I haven’t had the chance to watch as much as I’d like of our Tunisian movies, just the more famous ones, and those I really liked.
So I’d be really grateful to whoever can suggest their favourite Tunisian movies for me to check out.

Which other Tunisian movies do you think are a must-see?

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