Paris, Once Again

Back in Paris again for work…
The timing is a bit bad, with it being Ramadan and all… but well…

I got here yesterday on an Air France flight; and guess what they’ve changed their Arabic in-flight instructions. I don’t know if this post of mine has anything to do with it or not, anyway it’s good to see they’ve changed them; they’ve got good proper/classic Arabic ones now.

I’ll be in Paris for a week, so basically I’ll be doing the usual stuff: working, cinema going, book shopping, eating, and getting some gifts for my wife and son.

In addition to all that I’ll finally be buying a DSLR Camera, a Canon 350D, and on the same note, I’ll be going to “Salon de la Photo” which will be held from 3rd

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

7 thoughts on “Paris, Once Again”

  1. Have a special thought to me in the Salon de la Photo, especially if you’ll come across something like a dedicated aviation photography stand !!!

    Enjoy Paris…

  2. Wow .. nice camera the one u r getting …
    Sounds like fun!

    Well, paris by night is full of great picture spots.

    I think that the “Paris nuit blanche” is coming up … If u can investigate that !!

    Enjoy your stay !

  3. @Massir: Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not sure I’d have Sushi for the breaking of fast, but maybe later in the evening, it could be a good treat 🙂

    @Bilel: Thanks for the tip Bilel. Looks like a great and fun place. Will try to check it out 🙂

    @Lowe: You’ll get your special thought directly from Salon de la Photo in Paris 🙂

    @Eman: I miss you and Adam so much; I wish you were here with me.
    And yes, frogs I’ll have to try one of these days.

    @Aychu: Thanks, I’m hoping to put it to good use on my small trips around Paris.
    Nuit Blanche is on Saturday Oct. 6th, so I’ll still be here, which means I’ll be able to check it out; great 🙂

  4. I might be going to Paris soon, but I don’t see any entry around about your trip, the fun things you did (I am interested in day-fun activities most of all), hotel recommendation and all… It seems like this was not your first visit, so I’d use a couple of tips if you have time to write them up. 🙂

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