Mango : Free Language Learning Courses Online

mangoMango is a newly launched online web service that provides free enterprise level language learning courses.

It initially provides a choice of 11 language courses, each course made up of 100 lessons, and each lesson including between 70 and 150 slides.

The 11 languages covered are: Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, English for Spanish speakers, and English for Polish speakers.

Like other language learning software, Mango shows and plays conversations between two people in a number of social setups and situations. Then it goes into detail in the following slides, dissecting and recombining the conversation line by line and word by word until you become more familiar with the phrases. Every level goes on to build on skills captured from the one before.

I think it’s a very interesting language learning solution that is worth checking out. I’m thinking of giving a couple of the languages on it a go. Should be fun.

[Site: Mango]

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