Green Ifriqiya 2007: The First International Environmental Investment Forum

Green Ifriqiya 2007The first International Environmental Investment Forum also dubbed “Green Ifriqiya 2007”, will be held in Tunisia from November 9 to 11, 2007 at the El Kram Exhibition Hall.

The event which is jointly organized by the Tunisian Ministry of the environment and sustainable development, as well as the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ) with the help other regional and international organizations, will be attended by 300 Tunisian and foreign enterprises.

“Green Ifriqiya” aims to stimulate new economic opportunities through green investments, as well as developing technological innovation and cooperation for environmental protection and explore new business opportunities on the African continent based on environmental protection and sustainable development.

It also aims at promoting partnership between European firms and African countries in the field of environmental technologies and natural resources preservation.

Among the targeted areas of activity the forum purports to explore are: natural resources protection and conservation, water management and saving, solid waste management and recycling, renewable energies, bio- agriculture and bio-products, green tourism, environmental information, communication and education application of ICTs in environmental protection.

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[Source: Tunisia Online News]

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