Fifth Wedding Anniversary

On a day like today, exactly five years ago, I got married to the one girl I ever fell in love with and who actually made me feel like settling down; my one and only Eman.

Before meeting her, I never even thought about marriage; I was very happy on my own, having all the fun in the world; And then, we met, and it just hit me: I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Now, five great years after our wedding day, I’m even more sure of it; we’ve come a long way, we’ve gone through many events, we’ve accomplished many things, and we now have a handsome one-year old baby boy who, even though naughty, makes this life even more worth living.

To my sweet and lovely wife: “Love” is but a fraction of the feelings I have for you. Thank you for making my life as beautiful and complete as it is today.

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