Dumpukht – Indian Restaurant – Les Berges Du Lac

On our way back home today, we were both a bit hungry and felt especially like having some Indian food. Being in Tunisia, the options in this area are very limited, and the only place we could think of was this new Indian restaurant called “Dumpukht” that opened in Les Berges du Lac a few months ago.

The place is really nice, pretty well decorated, has Zee TV playing Indian music videos on a flat screen, and has this nice comfy feel to it. The waiters are all Tunisian, dressed in Indian clothes though, and the chef is Indian, which is the most important point to me.

I had some Chicken Tikka Masala and Eman opted for a Chicken Biryani; the food was really good and delicious. I personally really enjoyed it.

The prices are quite ok as well, with most main dishes being in the 8-13 Dinars range. Of course that doesn’t put it in the list of places you’d go to everyday, but once in a while when you feel like Indian food, it is a good option.

And as is the case with every good Indian restaurant, you go home smelling of curry and other Indian spices… Yummy…

The restaurant is in Les Berges du Lac, on the corner between the main road and Rue du Lac Windermere, close to Hotel Acropole.

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