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BrainReactionsBrainstorming is an essential element in any creative process, it allows the flow of different ideas between all team members without the limits of a tightly structured meeting, only using general guidelines and a common goal as a framework for the exchange. is a new service that allows you to take your brainstorming sessions online, keep track of them and even tap into the intelligence of the crowds.

Using their tool, you can create your own private Brainstorming rooms, in which you set your question/topic and invite your team members or the people you want to work with in to start submitting their ideas.

If you want to tap into the community’s ideas, you can setup a public brainstorm where all the site’s users can submit their thoughts. In a similar Digg-style, the topics with the most submitted ideas are listed sequentially.

This service is also interesting for people who would like to get involved, share their ideas and build their profile as innovative thinkers. The tool allows you to keep track and claim ownership of all the ideas you contributed in different topics.

It’s also possible to keep track of your favorite topics via RSS, a nice option for anyone who likes to keep all of their incoming news in the same place.

I think is a really interesting way to conduct brainstorms, and collect a high quantity of ideas and input from your own team or from a group of motivated and innovative people, all through a simple straight-forward interface.


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