Tunisia & Jordan Conclude Aviation Talks

So, some interesting news between Tunisia and Jordan in the travel area…

Jordan and Tunisia have concluded discussions on the issue of aviation on Sunday at the headquarters of the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

The discussions led to signing a MoU aims at liberalizing air transport between the two countries and direct allowing aviation companies, designated by the contracting parties, to operate any number and any kind of flights without restrictions.

The two sides agreed to add Aqaba as an air route to the schedule of the bilateral air transport agreement to the Tunisian side and to add Tabarka and Tozeur to the Jordanian side.

[Source: Petra]

Well, maybe it’s not as interesting for everyone, but considering that I’m a Tunisian and my wife is Palestinian-Jordanian, and we travel to Jordan as often as we can, I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s interesting to me.

So, from my side, above all, I hope this results in cheaper tickets and more flexible flight schedules.

On the other hand, I wonder how successful the extra air routes to the selected cities will be, but well I guess if some tourism agreements between the two countries are thrown in there as well, they could potentially become pretty popular; especially that these 3 cities are great destinations for tourism all year round.

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