Traveler – Season One (ABC TV Series)

TravelerLast night, we finished watching the first season, and maybe only season, of ABC’s TV series “Traveler“.

The show is pretty much along the same style as FOX’s “Prison Break“. It has a really interesting and catchy storyline, and is very well done that it keeps you sucked in throughout the whole season.

The series is about two graduate students, Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog, who are framed by their long time friend Will Traveler to make them look like they are terrortists responsible for bombing a museum in New York. When they tell the FBI about Traveler they are told that no one exists by that name. Cornered, suspects of terrorism and on the run, the boys realise that the only way to prove their innocence and clear their names is to find Traveler, find out who he is, why he’s trying to frame them and who is behind him; all this throughout an ongoing manhunt by the FBI.

I personally enjoyed this show a lot, I wish the first season was a bit longer than the eight episodes it was made to be. It did feel like it was compressed and cut short towards the end.

ABC apparently have dropped the series and won’t be renewing it for a second season, which I think is a big big shame. This show has potential to become one of the best on TV, at least as big as Prison Break, if not more.
There’s already a petition asking ABC to renew Traveler for a second season with over 18310 signatures including mine.

Anyway, whether the show is renewed or not, I recommend you check out the first season if you get a chance to. It’s really a fun and exciting series to watch.

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