The Top 10 Super Powers I’d Love To Have

Obviously watching “Heroes” has gotten to my head and put me into the whole super hero and super powers mood again.

So I thought I’d post a list of the Top 10 super powers I’d love to have. Here it goes:

1. Time & Space Bending: Moving back and forth in time, here and there in space; this would rock big time

2. Shape shifting: Becoming whoever/whatever I want to become at anytime, so cool, the possibilities are endless.

3. Telekinesis: I actually tried to move objects with my mind when I was younger, but obviously it didn’t work out for me, still it’s a great power to have.

4. Flight: I don’t think anything could match the feeling of flying freely in the open skies over stretches of land; I’d just love to experience it.

5. Invisibility: Being invisible would just be so cool, another level of great freedom; and coupled with the next superpower it just gives you unlimited options.

6. Walking through walls and objects: With this superpower, you’re simply unstoppable, you go anywhere you want in the shortest way possible; no door is a closed door for you.

7. Telepathy: Having the ability to read people’s thoughts is a great power; even though I prefer being able to turn it off whenever I want, and just using it when I need it.

8. Molecular manipulation: It’d be so cool to be able to change any object to another by manipulating its molecular structure. Would come in very handy.

9. Invulnerability: Of course being unbreakable and untouchable is always a cool super power to have.

10. Water breathing: I’m a Pisces, and I sometimes feel that my natural habitat is water, I am most relaxed when in water, so having the ability to breathe underwater would certainly be an amazing thing for me, to enjoy the beauty of the sea and ocean worlds magical.

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