The Greenest Skyscrapers In The World

Bahrain WTCMore and more sustainable buildings, packed with a bunch of eco-friendly innovations, are popping up all over the world.
I just came across this list of the world’s top 10 greenest skyscrapers, of which three are in the Arab world:

1.The Bahrain World Trade Center Towers, Kingdom of Bahrain
2. The Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China
3. Bank of America Tower, New York City
4. The Lighthouse Tower, Dubai
5.The CIS Tower, Manchester England
6. The Hearst Tower, New York City
7.The Burj al-Taqa (Energy Tower), Dubai
8.Waugh Thistleton Residential Tower, London
9. 340 on the Park, Chicago
10. The Urban Cactus, Rotterdam

[Via: Arab Environment Monitor]

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