Last night, I also watched “Ratatouille“, Pixar’s latest film, written and directed by Brad Bird, who also worked on 2004’s “The Incredibles“.

I’m a big fan of Pixar and their animation movies, they’ve got the best animations, the best stories and the best characters hands down.

Personally, Ratatouille is now my favourite Pixar movie, I simply loved it. It’s such a fun and cool movie. Remy, the rat, is just so cute and adorable as a main character, the story is a very nice one, and the animation is perfect as usual.

The story follows Remy, a young rat who is passionate about cooking, and finds himself at the famous Paris bistro that belonged to his idol Chef Gusteau, as he tries to become a chef despite his family’s skepticism and the rat-despising staff and patrons.

I’ll surely be buying this movie’s DVD when it’s released; it’s a sure classic.
I totally recommend watching it, it’s so much fun and so enjoyable.

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