My Top 5 Firefox Extensions

Ever since I converted to Firefox, I haven’t really looked back; I have tested other browsers for the sake of it, but never really considered moving to another one.

What makes Firefox even more interesting and exciting for me as a user is the various extensions I can plug into to it to extend its functionalities.

The following is the list of my top 5 Firefox extensions:

1. Web Developer: This is an essential extension for anyone who is involved with web development or design in any way.

2. Firebug: Another great plugin for web developers and designers; enabling you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page

3. Fireftp: Everything you need in an ftp client right from the comfort of your Firefox browser.

4. SearchStatus: A handy little plugin that gives you an idea about how each site you visit is performing search- and rank-wise.

5. Google Notebook: I’ve been using this extension more and more lately to jot down notes and thoughts or save info on the fly.

I could go on forever listing extension after extension, but I thought I’d limit it to five only here.
What about you: what are your favourite Firefox extensions?

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