Latest Diet Advice: Avoid Fat People

So here’s the latest news on losing weight and staying fit…

If you want to stay thin, don’t choose fat friends.

Researchers have found that obesity is socially contagious – it spreads from person to person within the same social group.

A study of 12,000 people whose height and weight were measured repeatedly over 32 years has revealed that when one person gained weight those around them tended to gain weight, too.

Unexpectedly, the greatest effect was seen not among members of the same family (who shared the same genes) or household but among friends.

A person’s chances of becoming obese rose 57 per cent if they had a friend who was obese but only 40 per cent if they had an obese sibling and 37 per cent if their spouse was obese. People of the same sex had more influence on each other than people of the opposite sex.

[Source: The Independent]

… And we’re basically back to the stupid days of teenagehood and middle school again, when fat kids where not cool to hang out with.


To keep fit, it’s true you have to avoid the fat, but not your fat friends, but rather all that fat you’re gobbling down at unhealthy fast food restaurants.

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