Heroes – Season One

I just finished watching season one of “Heroes” last night, and honestly this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed this series.

I heard about this show when it was just beginning over in the US, and how it was somehow a cross between “The 4400” and “Lost“, and I’ve been waiting to watch it ever since.

The concept of the show follows a rather simple formula, a bunch of people who find out they have super powers, a fight between good and evil, hard work to save the world; and a lot of great fun in between.

My favourite character of all in this series, from the very beginning, is “Hiro Nakamura”. The guy just rocks! He’s funny, cute, honest, simple, driven, radiates with a child’s innocence and he has a kick-ass super power: bending time and space. He’s simply the best.

I can’t recommend watching this series enough, it’s so much fun; I enjoyed every minute of it. I really can’t wait for Season Two to begin.

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