First Book Written On Mobile Phone Published

Now here’s one creative thing to do with a mobile phone when you have a lot of time on your hands…

Italian author Robert Bernocco has amazed the literary world by publishing the world’s first book written using a mobile phone. Bernocco published it on

Bernocco took advantage of his idle time while commuting to and from work by train, writing his 384-page science fiction novel, Compagni di Viaggo (Fellow Travelers), on his Nokia 6630 phone, using the phone’s T9 typing system.

By dividing his manuscript into short paragraphs, Mr. Bernocco wrote his novel in perfect Italian, not your typical text-message shorthand, and saved the paragraphs on his mobile phone. Mr. Bernocco then downloaded them onto his home computer for proofreading and editing. The book took him 17 weeks to write.

Source: CNW Group

Amazing, I can’t believe how much patience this guy has to write a whole book using a mobile phone; I barely use text messages because it’s annoying, so imagine having to go through this. Bravo.

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3 thoughts on “First Book Written On Mobile Phone Published”

  1. Well, that’s one dedicated dude, right? I guess no editor could actually say the guy doesn’t have a good hook. Who wouldn’t want to buy and read the telephone novel,just to see if it’s any good? Ah well, some slugs have all the good ideas.

  2. We have novels originally written by a mobile phone since 2000 in Japan. There are many best-sellers some of which have become a TV drama.

  3. @Writer: Yep, he has a good hook alright. I would surely want to see the result.

    @momo: Well I thought it was a bit suspicious that the first person to do this would be an Italian; I would have expected it more from someone in Japan, because they’re more tech-oriented, and always are a generation ahead of us in mobile phone technology.
    And here you are confirming my suspicion 🙂

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