10 Tips To Being A Better IT Manager

I just found a great article on ZDNet with ten tips to being a better IT manager. I couldn’t agree more with the points on the list; this article is a must-read for anyone taking on a management position in an IT environment.

The list goes as follows:

1. Spend time (and money) developing your people
2. Get to know what your staff really does
3. Don’t do it for them
4. Know the business and make sure they know you
5. Treat communication as a busy, fast-moving, two-way street
6. Encourage everyone to work as a team
7. Provide feedback regularly and let employees know what you want
8. Hire well
9. Understand best IT practices but don’t just make them buzz words
10. Be a good project manager

Read the full article here: 10 tips to being a better IT manager.

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