Climate Savers Computing Initiative

Moving towards greener computing…

In an initiative to improve computer power use – equivalent to shutting down twenty 500 megawatt coal-fired power plants – Google and Intel have set up the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

The forty starting members, including AMD, Dell, HP, IBM and Sun, hope to better manage power-delivery and power management of computers to achieve this by 2010. Suppliers, businesses and individuals are being asked to join and help save $5.5 billion in energy costs.

Servers and PCs waste lots of power from the moment it enters their power cables. Google’s SVP for operations, Urs Holzle, said: “The average desktop PC wastes nearly half of its power, and the average server wastes one-third of its power. The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is setting a new 90 percent efficiency target for power supplies, which if achieved, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54 million tons per year – and save more than $5.5 billion in energy costs.”

Source: Techworld

Always great to see big companies moving towards providing greener solutions. On an individual level though we can all help by turning off our computers when we’re not actually using them, that saves a lot of energy in itself.

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