Why Were We Created?

Why were we created?
That’s one big question; one that doesn’t necessarily have one exact answer, but well depending on who you ask, you’ll be getting a range of different answers.

For example,
A pious person would tell you that we were created to worship God.
A scientist would tell you that we were created to discover the amazing secrets of our world.
A philosopher would tell you that we were created to think.
An artist would tell you that we were created to simulate the perfections and imperfections of the world through art.
A philanthropist would tell you that we were created to help others.

And the list of answers continues, every person bringing his own ideas and beliefs to the table, further confirming that there is no universal answer or truth behind it, much like every other question we have in life.

Out of curiosity, why do you think we were created?

  • http://samsoum-us.blogspot.com/ samsoum

    This is the question that I have on my sleepless nights :-) and my answer is always different depending on the mood. The most rational and simple answer is I was created to live!! Beyond that it is all beliefs.

  • http://andfaraway.net Roba

    To evolve and grow.

  • Craig

    I’m with Roba… I was going to say “some combination of all of those” but her answer is better :)

    I’m always curious how people that don’t believe we were created at all answer this question, if they ask it of themselves. If somebody believes the human soul is just a random product of natural events, doesn’t that make life seem kind of pointless?

  • http://www.tarek-cheniti.blogspot.com Tarek

    Craig: I asked a Singaporian friend who is not a creationist. She said that she believed her presence was temporary but purposeful (i.e. she needs to be helpful to other people otherwise she can’t fulfill her existence on earth). She believes that after her death she will be reincarnated into another living specieis form; human, animal etc. and that this cycle will go on endlessly.

    Oh well, as long as one is happy with their existence, who cares about the why’s and how’s? :)

  • http://mac-design.blogspot.com Hedi

    We all have a destiny, the destiny could be affected by many events or even by the cultural/social/economical environnement in which we have been raised.
    As a result, some got interested with science, some with religion etc…

  • Craig

    I guess that makes sense, Tarek. The Abrahmic religions all kind of suggest the soul is eternal as well, it just isn’t “earthly” anymore after we pass. Or something like that! Haven’t quite figured that bit out, yet. But… doesn’t that raise the question (for somebody who doesn’t believe in creation) – where did the eternal soul come from?

    Well, in any case, I’m with you. As long as people are spiritually healthy, that’s the way it should be for them. The details are not so important.

  • http://fleurdemadere.blogspot.com/ Amaryllis

    I asked myself this question many times and I didn’t find a logical answer. When I asked people, no one was able to convince me… My grandfather told me one day “God created us and his has surely a very good raison, keep searching and you will probably find it one day”. But I

  • http://none john phillips

    I havent the slightest idea as to why I or any other living thing was created unless of course we are some supreme beings playthings—–but again why?

  • coy

    We are here, to find out why we are here. this is all simply a game, I see everything that is separate in the universe as once being hole. The reason we are here is to realize that we are no different from anything else, we are the same. And of coarse to once again become hole.

    I believe that we all once knew this, we decided to play a game, to separate. after years and years we forgot. Think about it, every single physical thing that you could EVER want is here.Why would it be here if you didn’t want it to be? Its just that people need power so they have dangled the dolor bill over these things. keeping most people from attaining many of the things they desire. They do not realize that we our selves are extremely powerful as what we were originally, without the money or social status.

    Basically we are here to see that everything around us isn’t as real as we make it out to be.
    Today’s along with yesterdays society has blinded us to what we really are.
    Animals with a high learning capacity.
    We are simply a part of nature, a part of this certain planet in an infinite universe of planets.

    Sorry, that was a tad longer than it needed to be I suppose.

  • coy

    I think we are here to simply attempt to find out why we are here.
    no one is going to have an exact answer that can be proven.
    Nothing that has been written nothing that has been said can be held as truth, as many Christians will claim the bible as proof.
    We will get answers when we die.

    I think were here to search for answers, to be involved.
    To understand that the social/government boundaries are not real.
    Simply a few humans not unlike the rest of us have decided that they can somehow convince other humans that they are inferior.
    wielding money and weapons of coarse makes it easier for them.
    We have been suppressed and really cant take full advantage of where we are, which hinders our ability to truly search for this answer.
    We are simply a part of nature, with miles upon miles of concrete, it separates us from nature, which separates our spirit from where it originated.

    my crazy idea on the subject.

  • christopher schofield

    to pay bills

  • Sevara

    This question is making me crazy all the time!! I have lots of opinions but i dont know. It is complicated

  • robert

    Im going with what science has to say.

  • Mike

    I have the answer why we are here but I don’t really know if the world is ready to here it, it’s not that hard to understand. But nobody would think it true people don’t know what to do with that kind of information. Some clue it has nothing to do with god, and has everything to do with food and the earth if can’t put it together come find me.

  • gb

    we are created to worship god and to thank him for that. to know why we are created you need to read the qur’an the qur’an tells us everything.And God has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers whhile you know nothing and he gave you┬áintelligence sight and hearts that you may give thanks sura 78 an nahl