The Search (John Battelle)

I finally got around to reading John Battelle’s book “The Search“, which is about how Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and transformed our culture.

I heard a lot about this book, it’s a really interesting topic, and I also enjoy reading John’s searchblog quite often, so obviously it’s been on my reading list for quite a while.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and I went through it so quickly; It’s very well written and it handles the topic of search, its history, its players (mainly revolving around Google and its history though), how much it affects us and business, the future and the ideas search could evolve into so well.

As someone who witnessed the rise of the internet, the dot-com boom then bust and its later renaissance, it was a pleasure to read the history of search and remember all the companies that played a role in making it what it is today.

The company stories included give a lot of insight into the mindsets of the entrepreneurs behind them and their approaches to pushing their businesses forward and making them successful.

I recommend this book to everyone interested in search, it’s a really good read that covers the topic from all its sides.

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