James Morrison – Undiscovered

One of the CDs I’ve been listening to a lot in the car recently is “Undiscovered” by English singer/songwriter James Morrison.

I came to know James Morrison through his song “You Give Me Something” which is a really cool song, and then after hearing another of his songs called “Wonderful World”, I just had to buy the album. I wasn’t let down, the whole album is a magnificent ride through a set of great tunes and lyrics.

James’ style reminds me a lot of James Blunt and KT Tunstall with evident influences by greats like Cat Stevens, Otis Redding and Van Morrison; it’s a mix of pop/rock and soul music, with a layer of simple yet powerful and touching lyrics on top.

I can’t say which songs are my favourites because I appreciate every song on this album and enjoy it greatly, but the ones I listen to the most I guess are still “You Give Me Something” and “Wonderful World”.

I really recommend this album for people into the pop/rock or soul genres, or who enjoyed music by the likes of James Blunt and KT Tunstall; you won’t be dissapointed, this album is a delight.

My score for this album would be 8.5/10.

You can buy this album here: James Morrison (Undiscovered).

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