How To Have A Better Life

I was just surfing around Scribd when I came across a really interesting post by Joe Mazzella, called “A Better Life“.

I’ve been thinking about the issue of happiness and what a person can do to have a better life quite often lately, and I think Joe sums it up really well and in a beautiful way.

…the only way to have a better life is to live a better life, and only way to give your children a better life is to show them how to live a better life as well.

How do you live a better life? You start by living more for your soul and less for your wallet. You spend more time hugging and less time buying.

You turn off the television and take a walk with your children. You smile more and worry less. You spend more time with your loved ones and less time at the office. You laugh longer and more often.

You look in your heart more and in the mirror less. You make your first job spreading joy rather than earning money. You realize just how much God loves you and you spend your days sharing that love with everyone you meet. And you always remember that your life is a gift from God and how you live it is your gift back.

I couldn’t agree more…

  • maha

    very idealistic view. Does it work???

  • jmarie

    I don’t really think that it is idealistic; Perhaps suprisingly challenging in a world where we are constantly bombarded, distracted and pushed to succeed monetarily but not spiritually. As far as a workable recipe for happiness, I know that Joe’s description that MMM posted here is certainly one that works. Turning off the television, walking, and meaningful human interaction are great ingredients!

  • lou lou

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more with Joe.
    I really do like that. I think I shall share it with everyone.