Bully for Playstation 2

Last weekend I bought “Bully“, a game for Playstation 2 that I had seen advertised a number of times and which I thought looked cool; I’ve been playing it ever since.
The game is by Rockstar Games (Take 2), the people behind the famous Grand Theft Auto games.

Bully opens with 15-year-old troublemaker Jimmy Hopkins, getting dumped off at Bullworth Academy, a boarding school full of trouble-makers, by his newly remarried mother and her rich husband.
It’s up to him (you, the player) to stand up to the bullies of the school, go to class, do different missions and along the way rise to the top of the school’s social scene.

The animation and gameplay are really good and quite similar to GTA, it’s the setting and storyline though that make this game special and truly fun to play.

Overall, this is a really fun game that I recommend for gamers who are into role-playing games like this.

My score for this game would be: 8/10.

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