Arab Firms Project to be launched in Tunisia

Interesting news…

AIESEC, an international platform for young people
to discover and develop their potential, announced that the Arab Firms project will be launched soon in Tunisia.

Including the economic, international cooperation, high education ministries as well as Arab embassies in Tunisia, the project will attempt at creating possibilities of cooperation between Arab firms and offering opportunities to Arab students to get a training in one of the different countries in which AIESEC is operating (Morocco, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan).

The concept of “Arab Firms” is centered on the idea that there should be a mutual interaction between the various Arab firms in order to attract investors and further enhance economic ties between the Arab states.

[Source: Al Arab Online]

I think the keyword in this article is “cooperation”, and whenever it’s for a good cause and wherever it can be inserted between the Arab countries, it is always more than welcome.

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