Small Talk, Foreplay And Conversations

Isn’t it weird that whenever we need to talk to someone about something, we can’t simply just dive into the subject and start asking whatever we have to ask or saying whatever we have to say, we always have to start off with some small talk, a set of meaningless questions and answers that are just for the sake of making a little pre-conversation.
Is it because we think it’s rude to just jump into a certain subject?
Or is it because we want to set the mood before we launch a discussion?
Or is it because we don’t actually know how to start?

Personally, I think small talk is a waste of time, if you have something in mind, just stop beating around the bush, and go straight to it, it’ll save you both time and effort, and will win you more time talking about what you really want to talk about.

Small talk, I think, should be reserved for those awkward moments when you’re with someone and you have nothing to say to them, they have nothing to say to you, and there’s this haunting silence hanging above you; that’s when it could be considered somehow useful.

In the end, this interesting thought crossed my mind, and well I sort of liked it, so I thought I’d share it with you in the form of a quote (Yeah I’m quoting my thoughts now, I know…):

“Small talk is the foreplay of a conversation, only it doesn’t feel anywhere as good.”

True, don’t you think?

Anyway, just to make things clear: foreplay good, small talk bad, or maybe not bad as in bad, but just a waste of time.

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