Hala Hala Jordan

After a hectic period of preparation, we finally made it to the Tunis-Carthage airport yesterday all three of us, to catch our flight to Amman, Jordan.

The flight was even later than usual, an hour and a half late actually, but this time to be honest it wasn’t Royal Jordanian’s fault, it was because of a group of old people who were going to Saudi Arabia for an Omra and were transiting through Amman, and who chose to hang around until the last minute to check-in.

Once on-board, we found absolute chaos; never in my life have I seen such chaos on a plane because of seat numbers; again because of the Omra group who were just sitting anywhere they pleased; It took over an hour to just get everyone seated. Personally, I wouldn’t have been amazed if any of the cabin crew went to the back of the plane and slit their wrists open; In their position I’m sure I’d have beaten up a person or two.

This of course was Adam’s first flight, and as much as we wanted it to be memorable (mostly for us I guess, I think he’s still too young to remember), we were also hoping he would sleep throughout the whole thing, but of course that was in our dreams and went out the door as soon as the plane took off, still to be honest he was a lot better and quieter than my worst case scenario.

We got to Amman at around 9PM, and we didn’t get to see much on the drive home, even though we saw hints of new buildings here and there on the way, but we were too tired to really look. I can’t wait to go out and take a spin around Amman, see what’s new, and also visit the old places I love.

I have to say that I really miss Amman, and it’s always a pleasure to be back here.
I’ll keep you updated with my doings and whereabouts, and post photos whenever I can.

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