Guess The Movie From The Quotes

Well, every once in a while I’m in the mood for a little game of guessing or what if, …etc; This time I thought why not put it on the blog.

The following are a number of quotes from a really cool movie that has achieved cult film status, and which is among my personal faves of all time. See if you can guess the movie from the quotes; should be quite easy for any movie fan.

– What the cops never figured out, and what I know now, was that these men would never break, never lie down, never bend over for anybody. Anybody.

– The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

– How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?

– To a cop the explanation’s always simple. There’s no mystery to the street, no arch criminal behind it all. If you find a body and you think his brother did it, you’re gonna find out you’re right.

– I used to dehydrate as a kid. One time it got so bad my piss came out like snot. I’m not kidding, it was thick and gooey.

– And like that…he’s gone.

There are many cooler quotes from this movie, but they’d make it too easy to guess.

So did you guess what film these quotes are from?

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