The Devil and Miss Prym (Paulo Coelho)

I recently finished reading another one of Paulo Coelho’s books: The Devil and Miss Prym, which was a pretty good read.

As usual Coelho touches upon another important subject that leaves you thinking, re-thinking and exploring your inner self.

The book explores the parameters of Good and Evil, the eternal struggle between them, and their impact on the human soul, passing a message that there is no such thing as a person, or as humans in general, being inherently “good” or “evil”, all humans have both good and evil within them and what defines them are their choices, an idea that I totally agree with.

It might not be as powerful as “The Alchemist” or some of his other books, the characters might not be as full of life, and maybe the ending could have been stronger, but still the message does get across, and the goal of getting you to think is accomplished, something I love about Coelho’s writings.

I personally enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to people who have already enjoyed reading one of Coelho’s masterpieces.

My score for this book is: 7/10.

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