ReBonjour Paris

As the title of this entry suggests, I’m back in Paris again. Just like last year, I’m here for work, so most of my time will be at the office or in meetings with clients.

I got here yesterday evening at the Orly airport; Orly not Charles de Gaulle because this time I chose to fly Tunisair instead of Air France, and I thank God that I did, the seating was a bit more comfortable, the food was so much better, I got here on time and I didn’t have that back-ache I always get when flying Air France.

I’ll be here for only one week this time, and even that feels like a really really long time for me be away from my wife and son, especially that Adam is sick, plus I just got back from my trip to Manchester a few days ago.
I can’t wait to get home again.

I’ll be trying to meet up with a number of friends who live and work here now; I’m quite sure I’ll end up going to a movie or two in the evenings; I don’t think I’ll have much time for shopping, just something quick maybe to pick up some gifts or souvenirs.

I’ll be taking it easy with the fast food this time around as I’m trying to eat healthier; last night’s dinner at McDonald’s should be enough unhealthiness for this trip.

I might be looking for a good and affordable DSLR camera, like a Nikon d50 or d70, so if anyone knows where I can look in Paris to find a good deal, please do let me know.

And finally, as usual, I’ll be taking some photos of Paris here and there to share later.

Stay tuned for more from the city of lights, where almost everything shuts down at 8pm. Still the lights stay on.

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