Back In Tunis

Home Sweet Home…

I got back Sunday evening; my plane landed at 9PM but I only got out of the airport slightly before 11PM, that’s because the lazy guys at the airport chose to put the luggage from 3 planes onto one conveyor belt, even though all the rest of the belts were empty.

My flight back was on Tunisair too, and it was quite a pleasant one, the leg space was pretty comfortable, the food was quite good, the service was ok (they should learn to smile more); anyway, in the end, Tunisair beats Air France hands down on this route. I’ll be doing my best to only travel on Tunisair whenever I have to go to France.

I’m back with my dear wife and son, whom I missed so much. Adam’s doing better, he’s coughing less now; It’s amazing how much I feel he grew up after just one week away from him, and it sucks that I wasn’t there to see it happen.

I didn’t get to do much in Paris this time around, I had a lot of work to do, and in the evenings I was mostly too tired to really do much but take a few walks, eat and maybe catch a movie.
I did get to meet Mochekes who works in Paris now, and we had a nice dinner at Pizza Pino on the Champs

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