You 2.0: How To Become A Self-Starter

An interesting and motivating article on Psychology Today, under the name “You 2.0” shares tips on how to become a self-starter and radically improve your life.

The article kicks off with this:

You may feel bound to your timid demeanor, your stifling job, or your rancorous relationship, but there is one realm over which you unquestionably have control: your own head.

I totally agree with that, and I think that any change, no matter how big or small it is, starts from within your own head, from how you think of things and how you perceive them.

The whole article is really worth reading, but to sum it up, the main points to change and improve your life are as follows:

– Ask yourself: Is the problem in you or your world?
– Overcome your fear of failure
– Embrace risk and novelty
– Create a new internal vision of yourself
– Expect and try to even enjoy discomfort to reach your goals

For the full article and more details, read: You 2.0 – (Psychology Today)

[Via: LifeHack]

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