Racists Have Lower IQs

Studies going back over 50 years have repeatedly arrived at the same conclusion — racists have lower IQs than non-racists. The average intelligence quotient (IQ) of all members of the human race is 100 on the Stanford-Binet scale, as illustrated in the bell curves in the figure below. The average IQ of racists is up to 4 IQ points less than this.

The reasons this is true are not entirely clear. Does racism attract the unintelligent or do the unintelligent default into racist mentalities?

Racism IQ

[Source: Students and Youth Against Racism]
[Via: Hou-Hou Blog]

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One thought on “Racists Have Lower IQs”

  1. I think it’s just an anti-racist propaganda.
    I fight against racism, but you can find professors and intellectual people among extreme right. Hitler was not that stupid after all as he managed to invade almost the whole Europe.

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