Numbers On Tunisian Youth

For about three years, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been conducting a survey of around 10,000 young people ranging in age from 15 to 25. The survey encompasses five areas of focus: youth and participation; youth, identity and the values scale; youth and development; youth and the information society; and youth and the Tunisia of tomorrow.

Some of the numbers that came out of this study are very interesting:

– More than 72% of respondents said they refuse to engage in politics or join political and social parties.

– Only 16% said they belong to NGOs.

– Only 9% follow domestic media regularly, while 22% do not follow it at all.

– 92% of Tunisian young people reject religious extremism, and they regard the religion they identify with to be “the Islam of moderation and the middle way”.

– 59% were optimistic about the future.

– 69% refuse to work within the short-term contract system.

– More than 71% of respondents view their physical health as good, but 81% say they find it hard to practice sports due to limited time and insufficient areas designated for sports.

– Only 13.7% said they have good knowledge of the Internet.

Another study, the results of which were published by the National Office for the Family and Population, produced some equally interesting numbers:

– Aversion to marriage has risen to 65% in 2006, as compared to 35.9% in 2001.

– The percentage of single women rose from 80% in 2001 to 85% in 2006 within the 15 to 29-year-old age group, and from 16% to 20% during the same period within the 30 to 49-year-old age group.

[Source: Magharebia]
[Via: HouBlog]

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