Back Home…

Well I’m back home in Tunis again, with my beloved son and wife; I got back from Manchester yesterday afternoon.

The trip was on Air France, an airlines I used to like back in the 80’s but that sucks more and more these days, especially on flights to and from the Arab world; it’s so tight, seating is not comfortable, the food they serve borders on disgusting, no in-flight entertainment, …etc.

I liked Manchester, not as much as I did London, but still it’s a nice city, that I wouldn’t mind living in. I wish I had more time to visit some sites and museums, but well maybe I’ll get to do that some other time.

I took some photos, not as much as I wished, and a number of them turned out a bit blurred, but I’ll be sharing some of the good ones soon.

I got a number of books that I had on my wishlist from Waterstone’s, enough to get me through a few months of good reading.

I didn’t get to get online much in the past week, just the one time to post the entry about me being in Manchester, the rest of my time was either in the workshop, shopping or hanging out with friends.
Things over here should be back to normal now though.

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