• http://www.nizarsblog.blogspot.com Nizar

    Nice news, wish to see more of these news in the middle east..

    on the other side Libya decided to build a statue of Saddam which lead to Iraq ending their relations with Libya :)

  • Luke

    Regarding Libya & Tunisia: I heard that both countries had agreed to circulate each other’s currencies, exchanges prisoners and some other things that bring their partnership closer. It sounds like a good idea; interdependence is the way to go.

    Thanks for the updates.

  • http://www.subzeroblue.com MMM

    @Nizar: I didn’t know about the Saddam statue in Libya, lol…

    @Luke: Yep, a lot of new cooperative projects are popping up between Tunisia and Libya, another one of which is a touristic station near the Tunisian-Libyan borders.
    I think it’s really good to work on enhancing economic ties with all neighbouring countries.

  • http://www.mymarrakesh.com Maryam in Marrakech

    Thanks for the update! So pleased to hear about the literary prize in this age of death and violence.

  • Sara

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for Tunisians to work closely with libyans on a cultural level as they have nothing to offer, apart from their dangerous policies vis-a-vis illegal immigrants, whom they allow to enter their country unchecked. This is dangerous culturally,economically and politically. It also poses an enormous health risk. In fact, it endangers the populations of the Southern Mediterranean.