Heaven On Earth

I remember when I was a child, at that age when we start to think about the world around us and analyze the different things we’re taught without any limits or taboos to restrict us; one of my thoughts was about heaven, which we learn is this perfect happy place, somewhere up in the skies, where people who do good deeds go.

I thought: what if heaven isn’t a place somewhere up there?
What if heaven doesn’t exist yet?
What if heaven is what this earth will become when we all start caring and thinking about each other, trying to make this world a better place and doing good deeds?
What if it is up to us to create heaven?

I know some people could regard those thoughts as heresy, but as children I guess we can actually get away with any kind of thinking or philosophy.

Now, years and years later, I still find myself thinking from time to time about how heaven-like our world could be if we just cared a bit more; about our planet, our environment, other people, the future, …etc.

What if we could create a heaven on earth?

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