Everything Is Urgent At Work

Isn’t it so amazing how everything is always urgent at work?
Urgent is to the say the least, as it’s always preceded and followed with a bunch of superlative adjectives.

The alert levels are always up!

This is extra high priority and can’t wait because it’s extremely urgent.

That is so urgent the client is breathing down our necks, literally.

The other is even more urgent the boss is bordering on a heart attack.

You’d think we work in a nuclear facility that is about to melt down or that we have a really important and powerful job, but then you realize all that’s at stake is a website, a document, a product or some other thing that isn’t really that dangerous after all.

Sometimes it seems as if the world’s going to stop turning if something goes wrong in a certain project, or if this or that document is not sent on time; and that it’s our role to save the day and ensure that humanity goes on.

We’re superheroes facing the urgent demands of a mad world, taking them down one at a time, sliding through pointless urgent meetings, answering stupid urgent client phone calls, and somehow making the world a better place, although we don’t really see how.

Everything is urgent at work!

Well, this guy doesn’t buy it anymore, the only thing I find urgent in this life is getting back home to spend some quality time with my family.

So until someone walks in with solid proof that the world is about to blow up in flames or be sucked into a black hole, and I can do something about it, the word “urgent” will be heard as “blah blah” by me.

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