Women Talk Three Times As Much As Men

It is confirmed…

It is something one half of the population has long suspected – and the other half always vocally denied. Women really do talk more than men.

In fact, women talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day – 13,000 more than the average man.

Women also speak more quickly, devote more brainpower to chit-chat – and actually get a buzz out of hearing their own voices, a new book suggests.

[Source: Daily Mail]

So I guess we men shouldn’t feel that guilty when women accuse us of not being good listeners, they simply talk too much, we could never keep up, no matter how much we try.

Plus, the same study says that what the male brain may lack in converstation and emotion, we more than make up with our ability to think about sex. It estimates that men think about sex every 52 seconds.
How are we expected to focus?

Oh whatever…

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