US Midterm Election Highlights

The following are the highlights of the US midterm elections:

– Democrats win House of Representatives.
– Democrats are more likely to win the Senate too.
– Nancy Pelosi is to become the first woman speaker of the house, she’ll also be the first Italian-American speaker.
– Keith Ellison, first Muslim elected to house of representatives.
– For the first time, 16 women are present in the senate.
– Majority of US governors are now Democrats.
– Deval Patrick, first Black governor, elected in Massachusetts.
– Donald Rumsfeld steps down.

Personally, I think these are very good results.
Results of political elections in the US generally affect the rest of the world too, so it’s good to see that Bush and his administration won’t be able to freely do as they please from now on.

[Via: Houssein]

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