Some Small Design Changes

As you should’ve already noticed, Subzero Blue has undergone some small design changes, the most important of which is the switch to a 1024×768 screen resolution.

I’ve been working on these design changes for a couple of months now, mainly getting used to them myself, trying to work out the best way to use space and organize the different elements of the blog.

There’s still some work to do here and there, but well I thought I’d just go ahead and put up these changes anyway, and then continue tweaking.

Other than the small changes in the design that I will let you discover for yourselves, I have also made the summaries feed a full post feed too. I think a person subscribing to a blog’s feed should be respected just as much as a person who visits the blog itself, if not more.

You’ll also notice some ads scattered here and there, not all of these will stay, some are just for tests, others are temporary placeholders.

I showed the design to a few people over the past month or so to get their feedback, and the reviews were mixed (some loved it, some didn’t like it), so in the end I went with my own instinct about it and put it online.
What do you think?

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