Six Arab States Join Nuclear Race?

Just came across this piece of news that some people are portraying as such a big catastrophe…

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6 thoughts on “Six Arab States Join Nuclear Race?”

  1. Countries like Egypt and Algeria abandonned their plans to build nuclear power plants some 20 years ago. Saudia arabia is in no need for alternative energy for many decades to come. I believe that these countries decisions were greatly influenced by the north korean alledged nuclear bombs and the iranian attempts to enrich (i)ran-ium. Tunisia and morocco have no serious conflicts with any neighboring country. UAE and saudia arabia are in direct conflict with Iran, egypt wants to remain a leading arab country eventhough they need cheaper energy. Algeria? no idea!

  2. I think that we need nuclear reactor to have sheap energy. In addition, we are not involved in any conflict and we maintain good relationship with USA et EU. I recommand that we give the license to a french company to built and exploit a nuclear reactor against sheap …

    for Egypt and KSA it will be hard since USA won’t accept. Egypt is still in conflict with israel and KSA too and US are not sure that the two government (KSA and Egypt) won’t change.

    Morroco and Algeria (especially) are able to do too. I think that Algeria started to built its reactor. In addition, Algeria produces Uranium. France and USA can oppose to their project because of the islamic threat.

    UAE doesn’t need nuclear energy 🙂

  3. I think it is very valid for any country to be interested in an alternative to oil energy, knowing that this resource is limited and very expensive and with China and India needs for oil increasing dramatically year after year resulting in higher oil prices.
    And it is obvious that the cheaper and proven technology nowadays in the nuclear one. It really makes sense. Now if these countries have a hidden agenda or not ,it is a question, but it is for sure a move that everyone will spin and interpret the way it would work better for him 🙂

  4. Marouen usage of nuclear energy as alternative source of energy isn’t new to Tunisia. We have an official committee working since many years, and one of my nuclear energy teachers in ENIM was a member of the committee.

    The problem with energy remain the cost, the project still voidable if more than one country participate in it. I don’t think it’s a nuclear race, Iran is rich enough to get such technology.

    But, I think there is many alternatives that still available and safe before aborting nuclear stuff. Medias like talking about nuclear energy, because it’s source of trouble in politics, they never talk about solar or wind energy projects.

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