How Readable Is Your Blog?

I came across an interesting readibility test on Roba’s blog yesterday that helps you determine how readable your content is.

So, I checked for my blog and here are the results:

Gunning Fog Index: 9.75
Flesch Reading Ease: 64.33
Flesch-Kincaid Grade: 6.79

So my Gunning-Fog Index of 9.75 puts me with the most popular novels when it comes to readability; The Flesch Reading Ease of 64.33 puts me within the recommended fork for writers; And the Flesch-Kincaid Grade of 6.79 means that a person with a minimum 6.79 years of schooling can easily read my blog.

So, I guess I write a lot better than I thought I did. Maybe I should start seriously working on a book.

You too can take the readability test for your blog or website here.

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