Cappuccino Or Chocolate?

The following events took place between the hours of 7:00 and 7:05 PM the other day, at a small grocery shop nearby, between me and the guy at the shop:

Me: Do you have those cappuccino thingies, you know those small instant cappuccino packs?
Guy: Yeah (and he goes to the back of the shop to get some)
Guy: How much do you need?
Me: Four
(he hands me four packs of powdered chocolate)
Me: Isn’t this chocolate?
Guy: No, it’s cappuccino
Me: Well, no it’s chocolate.
Guy: No, it’s cappuccino
Me: Dude, look it says “Chocolate”!!
Guy: No, it’s cappuccino
Me: Man, it’s “Chocoline”, they only make chocolate!! (I’m extra sure of this because I know the company that makes this brand and I’ve even been to their factory a number of times on work, and they’re all about chocolate)
Guy: No, it’s cappuccino
(I look around a bit and spot a pack of cappuccino lying around)
Me: Now that’s cappuccino, but this is chocolate
Guy: ….
Me: Ok, do you have any more of this “real” cappuccino?
Guy: No, that’s the last one
(I look around and find a full box)
Me: There’s a whole box!! Just give me another one and let me get out of here!
Guy: ….

I don’t know why I even bothered…

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