Yahoo Time Capsule

Yahoo and Yahoo Telemundo are creating a digitized time capsule that will beam onto an ancient pyramid in Mexico and into space.

Yahoo began accepting submissions of photos, video, sounds files, video and text yesterday and said in a prepared statement that the purpose was to join the “past and present with the universe’s potential future by sharing today’s culture on Earth with other life that may exist light years away.”
The time capsule is meant to document the good and bad of life around the world in 2006.

Yahoo said it expects the time capsule to be the largest ever created. The company plans to project the contents onto the 216-foot Pyramid of the Sun, in what is known as the City of the Gods, at Teotihuacan, near Mexico City and beam it into space with digital laser light Oct. 25-27. The event will be Web cast live. After that, Yahoo will digitally archive and seal the capsule for opening on the company’s 25th anniversary in 2020.

Yahoo worked with artist Jonathan Harris on the time capsule.

Now is that cool or what?

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[Source: InformationWeek]

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